Frequently Asked Questions

What is Romance On The Go, Concierge Services™ (ROTGO)? 

Romance On The Go, Concierge Services™ embraces the concept of intimacy and romance.  Our services are tailored towards each couple’s individual needs and desires; whether it is romance, intimacy or to sustain.  We create one of a kind  experiences for couples who want to strengthen and reaffirm the love in their relationships. 

What does a Romance Concierge do? 

We're glad you asked! As a romance concierge, it is our job to make sure that you give your spouse or partner a night to remember, without dealing with the stress that normally accompanies such an intimate evening. We have six personalized packages that celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, wedding nights, and just because. Each package is filled with fun, kinky, adventurous, and relaxing components. Once you choose your theme, we utilize our network of vendors and suppliers (from restaurants, hotels, florists, spas, chefs and much more), to create an intimate experience down to the last detail, leaving you free to do nothing but show up and enjoy.

What are the benefits of hiring a Romance Concierge? 

Planning the perfect romantic rendezvous takes effort. Romance On The Go, Concierge Services™ eliminates the hassle of making sure all of the details are covered for your intimate evening and all essential elements are in place to bring your fantasy to life.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy your evening!

Why hire you?

You can have the perfect intimate evening planned in your head, but if it isn’t executed precisely, it won’t matter.

We take pride in taking care of all of the details for you and making sure all of your romantic needs are met. We offer a wide selection of romantic rendezvous packages that are sure to create excitement, anticipation, and titillate the senses! Our goal is that you “Carpe Diem” (Seize The Day) or “Carpe Noctem” (Seize The Night) and focus on nothing but each other.

Can’t I just plan my own intimate evening? Why do I need you?

Yes, you could easily plan your own redenzvous, but let’s be honest for a quick second, planning a romantic rendezvous does not come easy to many people. Who has the time to think about planning a romantic rendezvous when you have to attend word daily, take care of your home, children, or pets? Your Personal Romance Concierge will help you plan every detail of your unique romantic rendezvous. Whether you have a vision in mind or leave it all up to us, we will create a customized experience that you and your beloved will remember for years to come.


What kind of budget do I need for your concierge services?

ALL packages and services are customized per “Romantic”. Basic package prices start at $199.99 without a one-night hotel stay. Every package can include a one-night stay at a four-star hotel starting at $149.99. We offer a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Kit starting at $399.99. Please contact us for additional information. Phone: 754-229-9855 or Email:


Can I make changes to the date nights?

Yes, you are given the option to customize some of the essentials and add additional services to your package.

Do you work with LGBTQ couples?

Absolutely! Love is love, We do not discriminate9