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"We Bring Romance To ANY Space Or Place" 

Why Hire a Romantic Concierge?

Let's Be Honest...


Let’s be honest for a quick second, planning a romantic rendezvous does not come easy to many people. Who has the time to think about planning a romantic rendezvous? 

Romance On The Go is a full service romance concierge business that specializes in planning and executing romantic room designs from start to finish, so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits without the hassle of all the details. 

We believe that YOU deserve to experience romance with ease and grace. Allow us to customize a unique one-of-a kind romantic rendezvous room design just for you.

Priceless Gift...


Romance On The Go Specializes in romantic room designs.

What is a room design? It's the gift of both an experience and items that you keep that help you celebrate the most romantic moments of your life. 


With a Romantic Room Design, you enter a beautifully decorated room, lit only by the ambient light of flickering candles. Follow a trail of rose petals to find your bed adorned with an array of Sexy Love Items. Surprise Romantic Room Designs can be set up either prior to check in or while you are out to dinner. 

Everything is for Keeps, so you can recreate your unforgettable night at  home or on your next romantic rendezvous.

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Romance Concierge


Our team of Romance Concierges work diligently with "Romantics" to successfully plan and execute a customized Priceless Gift that will leave your Beloved in Awe. 

Your Personal Romance Concierge will help you plan every detail of your unique romantic rendezvous. Whether you have a vision in mind or leave it all up to us, we will create a customized experience that you and your beloved will remember for years to come. 

Want to design your own Romantic Room Design? Don't have a clue where to start? No worries, we offer D-I-Y Romance Kits. Our D-I-Y Kits are filled with ALL the  products  you need to create a romantic rendezvous in the comforts of your home. D-I-Y Kits not only provide one night of romance and intimacy, but many nights thereafter! 


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